Be Afraid …Be Very Afraid. This Will Make the Holocaust Look Like a High School Dance

The Secret Service was not the agency involved in the surveillance of Moshe at his home in California. This was done by the FBI, who had orders to detain him, or “bring him in.”

Moshe did not send a threat to the White House. Rather, he communicated that he intended to go public with information he had regarding the flu vaccine that is being prepared by Baxter Labs, an Austrian company.

The information is this: The vaccine is being manufactured in Ukraine. It is not a vaccine at all, but rather an engineered genetically mutated bio-weapon meant to cause sickness and death.

Moshe informed the White House he intended to go public with this information. When he became aware that the FBI was about to detain him, he packed some belongings in his car and set out for the Israeli consulate, located in close proximity to the federal building where the standoff took place. FBI pursuit kept him from reaching his destination.

Mounted on top of the large black vehicle was a microwave weapon which fried the electronics in Moshe’s car as well as any communication devices he had which might have been used to contact the media or others who could help him.

Moshe did not suffer the same effects of the gas and pepper spray that others would have because he had built up an immunity to such weapons as a by-product of his Mossad training.

Moshe was not handcuffed because he was not placed under arrest. After leaving police or FBI custody, he returned to Israel, where he is at this time.

The information comes from one of my confidential sources. I have reason to believe it is accurate. If I receive more information I will post it.

Joseph Moshe…Whistleblower extraordinaire, can’t take the guilt of the nature of the genocide project he is working on (praise the lord!) This doesn’t sit well with the U.S. Government’s plans to reduce the world population significantly so what do they do? They immediately put him under 24 hr surveillance and when he spots the G-Men following him he grabs his stuff (evidence) and jumps in his car and makes a run for the Israeli embassy in L.A.. He gets stopped just short and for committing the crime of calling his information into a radio talk show. (TALK SHOW RECORDING)

and spilling the beans (you know basic first amendment stuff right?) Our government does what? They:

Tear gas him repeatedly
The disable his car with a magnetic shock that disables it
Taser him over and over
Pepper Spray him repeatedly

Then drag him off and he dissappears…WTF? That isn’t ever supposed to happen in this country! SHEEPLE WAKE UP!

And now what is happening as we speak? The newly deadly incurable virus has been released upon citizens of The Ukraine with 1000’s dead and over 1 million infected!



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