Stealth Jihad is Happening Right Under Our PC Noses! WAKE UP!

The Islamic plan to conquer the U.S. – not by terrorist acts, but by stealth
Thank God For America’s Team!

There hasn’t been a terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, until now with the cowardly act of another Muslim fruitcake nut job, Al-Qaeda is on the run in Iraq, and the Taliban are beating, stoning and amputating arms, hands and feet from fewer and fewer people in Afghanistan — and yet the terrorist threat is far from over.
In fact, it’s more severe than ever: in our country Islamic jihad groups and their allies are concentrating not solely on terror attacks (although another one of those could come any moment), but on stealthy efforts to introduce Islamic law into this country, step-by-step, bit-by-bit — until finally America is transformed into an Islamic state.
While the stealth jihadists may never attain this goal, they are already eroding our freedoms as they demand ever more accommodation of Islamic principles and practices — and politically correct public officials are only too happy to oblige
Advancing Islamic supremacism in America – by stealth:
• Terrorism without terror: the stealth jihadist plan to wage a “grand jihad” aimed at “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within”
• Stealth jihad efforts and jihad violence work hand-in-glove for the same goal
• The main player in the stealth jihad: the shadowy, sinister, internationally powerful Muslim Brotherhood
• The partners: the “moderate” American Muslim organizations that are actually part of
• Islamic law teaches warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers — by any means possible
• Islamic law: the many ways in which it contradicts American law and custom
• The common practice of Islamic organizations labeling all critics of jihadist activity as “bigots” and “hatemonger’s” helps advance the stealth jihad…the same strategy as the homosexuals
• Washington’s politically correct policy of avoiding all mention of “Islam” and “jihad” in connection with terrorism — this not only plays into the hands of the stealth jihadists, but was actually adopted on the advice of Muslim Brotherhood operatives
• Islamic groups worldwide are using “hate speech” laws to try to criminalize free discussion of Islamic terrorism – even in the United States
• The legal jihad: stealth jihadists are using the courts to battle against their critics – and anti-jihadists in general
• Your house is our house: Efforts to force American businesses to change their practices to accommodate Islamic law are part of the stealth jihad, and have stepped up considerably in recent years
• Prayer returns to public schools! (As long as it’s Islamic prayer, it’s just fine)
• Efforts at accommodation of Muslims again and again result in Islamic dominance and supremacism
• Separate and unequal: Islamic separatism in America
• Don’t want to pay interest on your credit card? Simple: Just tell the company you’re Muslim! Western financial institutions are bending over backwards to accommodate Islam
• Readin’, writin’, and subjugatin’ the infidel: The stealth jihad in American schools
• American public school textbooks have been Islamized under the noses of education authorities — and often with their naïve complicity
• Education or indoctrination? The Islamic ideological straitjacket in American universities
• Saudi money and what it buys in American universities today
• Compromised: Islamic terror groups’ infiltration of the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and as we have just discovered; the military

Thank God for America’s Team!

Who are they? They are the patriotic men and women taking on the Main stream, media every single day on the front lines! They are the people getting the word out and they will not be silenced!


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