Obama’s War on God and Christianity – "Peter Only Denied Me 3 Times – Barrack Denies me Daily" JC

Limbuagh- “God doesn’t have a birth certificate …and neither does Obama”

Obama hates the bible, God, & Jesus not just America?

As Obama Denies Jesus We Must Humble Ourselves Before God

Obama Denies Flyover of ‘GOD & Country Rally’—1st TimeIn 42Yrs Why? Because Of Its ‘Christian Nature’

Obama had all Christian symbols coved for his speech, yet he gave a long speech all about the Muslim holy month and the Muslim faith

“Peter only denied me three times … Obama denies me on a daily basis” – JC

Obama’s Sacrilege Of Jesus Christ / Video

Obama Mocks & Attacks Jesus Christ And The Bible / Video / Obama Is Not A Christian

“God Damned America”

Why Obama is not a Christian”

Obama: “America is Not a Christian Nation”

Barack Obama v Jesus: Abortion, Gay Rights & Jeremiah Wright


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