Stand and Salute for U.S. Military Technology… We Know How to Make War!

The United States of America knows how to kick ass! As the daughter of one of this countries fighting men (retired) I grew up with a slightly different take on the american war machine than every single liberal and even possibly som of you. I used to grow so tired of listening to people complain over and over about how much the US wasted on the military and in developing military technology to better defend us all here at home as well as our democratic principles here and overseas. Have we made a large investment in our ability to make war? Yes we have… and it was money well spent. Why? Because it works! and works well. How can anyone argue with the sophistication of a jet like the Harrier and it’s ability to do vertical take offs?

Or the pin point accuracy of a smart bomb …it knows where the bad guys and their weapons live …don’t believe me check this out!

But if you just want to feel good about this country and want to see your tax dollars at work then let me suggest that you catch the USN “Blue Angels” or the USAF “Thunderbirds” jet teams the next time they come to a city near you. There is no way to walk away from one of those shows and not feel pride in your country and the people who risk their lives to protect us!


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