How is it Possible for Obama to Win a Nobel ???ACORN?

The world has certainly proven that it’s still crazier than bat shit when Barrack Hussein Obama …9 months into his troubled, union bought presidency, and with nothing but foreign policy fumbles and dropped passes to his credit, is able to walk away with Nobel iron! 9 months is how long he has been president … two weeks was how long he had been president when the nominations were closed on February 1st 2009. Obama still had a hang over from his inauguration party on February 1st for God’s sake. There is only one entity on earth capable of putting the fix in on Nobel balloting… Acorn! It’s the only explanation I can come up with to rationalize even the possibility of something this absurd happening. Clearly Acorn; fresh from stealing the election in Minnesota for Al Franken, must have been allowed to sign up new Nobel voters. Giving this award to Obama is a slap in the face, and cheapens the award for all of the previous winners who actually did something noteworthy in order to win it. Awarding the peace prize to Obama; who has yet to do anything significant (in a positive way) at all would be like electing him President after serving 1/2 of a senate term where his only accomplishment was to have voted “present” more than anyone else. Oh wait… hmmmm… I guess he has done one thing ….he has disarmed America and is letting down our allies who we agreed to protect. Neither of those things will have the effect of bringing peace, quite the opposite I am afraid as both are invitations for aggression.
Ann Coulter weighed in on this topic with Geraldo, Jay Leno, Conan Obrien and other comics…


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  1. Ha! Acorn may be corrupt as all hell be they aren't that smart and try as they might they are slowly dieing. They got there man in the big house but now he dosen't return their phone calls (shocker). With all the bad press, my favorite is acorn workers caught on tape helping child protestiion smugglers, their politcal influence is running for cover. That's leaving all there members, well, it leaves all their members excatly where they were before, in a card board box outside a mission waiting for a free meal and their laptops plugged into the side of the wall so they can tweet. but hey, it was fun while it lasted!JK

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