What Part of NO Don’t You Understand?

Gay Marriage ….Used to just be an oxymoron ….after repeatedly being told NO at the polls …. it is now two angry morons!
If you can’t pass a gay marriage bill in California with Obama on the ticket …you can’t pass one …and thats a good thing!
In the past 20 years, most Americans have bent over backwards (no pun intended) to accept and tolerate homosexuals and most even approve of civil unions, which is about as close to marriage you can get without the name. But the name is what they seek. You give them an inch and they want to take a foot, then rub it in your face and that would make them feel better. There are many gays that do NOT believe in gay marriage. There are a lot of gay conservatives (the smart ones) who understand that marriage is between a man and a woman; get over it.
Most people who hate gays don’t hate them because of their sexual lifestyle, it’s because they are always whining, complaining and protesting to push their agenda on everyone and people are just tired of it. Not everyone agrees with their lifestyle and don’t appreciate being called ‘homophobes” or “haters” We are equally tired to our core of the gay’s attempt to hijack the civil rights movement and make it their own complete with their latest name to call non supporters …you guessed it …”Bigots” Pahhhleeeze!
Gays must think that electing an imcompetent and dishonest President, that maybe it was their time; “It’s raining men! Hallelujah!” Not so fast! Barack Obama is against gay marriage (you know muslims don’t go for that stuff). Why are they NOT protesting their hero Barack Obama? It’s because liberalism is a mental disorder and this shows an example of the hypocrisy liberals always display. Obama won the election because of a biased media, misinformed (stupid) voters, ACORN voter fraud and guilty white people voting on race’ period.It’s a real shame because most gays are good people, but these protesting, granny-pushing cowards ruin it for all of them. Most gays are also conservatives deep down inside yet some just don’t know it, or are afraid of losing friends if they admit it. Some rational thinking gays are against gay marriage and understand the true definition. Someday, gay conservatives will come out of the closet; again.
We think these cowardly gay protesters should go to the black churches and protest the group that really didn’t support gay marriage, but their white guilt doesn’t allow them the courage for that. They would get a severe ass kicking if they did. You liberals can’t lie anymore because if you watch youtube, you can see for yourself how ignorant these protestors invariably act. The people voted gay marriage down and because it ‘didn’t go your way,’ you want to whine and complain as usual then start shopping for the most liberal judge in the state and overturn the will of the people who voted …you know the majority who once again have said NO! Can we all just move along please …the rights you say you need you have …you can still get married you just can’t marry eachother ….the good news for you 14th Amendment buffs is this …neither can I!

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