The World Has Gone Crazy

“A Girl Who Knows Her Own Mind”

Just one girls take on what’s happening in the world today …. The ongoing struggle between Good vs Evil and Right vs Wrong and yes, it’s cousin…

Right vs. Left

The World Has Gone Crazy!

I can’t help but sometimes just scratch my head and wonder ….just what is wrong with everyone’s thinking all of a sudden? Is it me who has changed or is it everyone else around me? I tend to think it must be something in the water. Most troubling to me is that the people who are demostrably more whacked out than the rest of us ALL hold positions of influence and power in this country. Let me give you some examples of the types of lunacy I am referring too. 1. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi- This woman is third in line to be the POTUSA should (god forbid!) something happen to B. Hussein Obama and Joe Biden. Wouldn’t you think this lady would someone you could take seriously sometimes? Last week she was speaking before a large group of hispanic’s (most of whom were obviously illegal aliens) and rather than deliver a message asking them to respect our laws…learn our language… and immigrate into our country legally….what does she do instead? She calls for an end to the immigration raids and mass deportations of illegals that we have been carrying over the course of the last several years. She claims that protecting our borders and building our giant fence is “unamerican”. And then tells them all that they are the patriots? (I could not make this up) and then she closed by encouraging them to continue breaking our laws. ! Nancy Pelosi Video – Nancy telling illegal aliens how patriotic they are for breaking our laws and invading our country

Here is my favorite video blog on Nancy Pelosi brought to us courtesy of my favorite ranting clear thinker …”drinkingwithbob”

2. Barney Frank and Chriss Dodd- How do these two chalatans manage to keep getting re-elected? Barney Frank; the only openly homosexual congressman was also the guy who back in July of 2008 (just before the crisis hit in earnest) testified that “Freddie and Frannie are fine …they are solvent, they are safe investments now everybody” and as Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, one of the committee’s responsible for overseeing both Freddie and Fannie. This man is an expert at screwing things up big then blaming it on someone else. This man should have lost his job 100 times in the last 6 months for gross stupidity. And if that weren’t enough our government now has the person who played a significant role in screwing things up spearheading the efforts to fix it? Why isn’t the press having a field day with this numbskull 3. Acting like a lunatic isn’t isolated to members of congress …unfortunately this countries obsession with pornography and creating as many sex offenders as possible out of normal law abiding citizens has really caught fire. With no state or county Judge or District Attorney wanting to be left out of the contest of who can make the most assinine rulings and/or prosecutions this most recent case comes to us by way of the great state of Idaho!. There a 19 yr old man has been charged with two counts of statutory rape and is currently getting ready to go on trial where he could be sentenced to life in prison. Who was the victim? It is the 15 year old (then) girl who proudly carries his baby and wears his ring as his wife! Yes they made the mistake of doing exactly what every single one of us did (or tried to do or wanted to do or dreamth about doing..Usually in the back of a car) …got caught and since the girl could not legally give him consent he may go away for life! Of course she apparently could consent to marriage and no one seems to think anythingof the fact that she is another preganant teen …no all eyes are focused on the boyfriend who “raped” her …hello!!??


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