The Lord Hears the Cry of the Just. Attention Lefties- Go Ruin Someone Else’s Country!

The electorate is weary from the unceasing attacks on the American sense of right and wrong. But make no mistake; the American people will rest to clear their collective head. While resting, perhaps Americans will further befuddle their liberal tormentors and take comfort in the words from the book of Psalms, Chapter 3, a suggestion that prior to the liberal ambush of American values would have been considered mainstream.
Lord, so many are against me. So many seek to harm me. I have so many enemies. So many say that God will never help me. But Lord, you are my shield, my glory, and my only hope. You alone can lift my head, now bowed in shame. Then I lay down and slept in peace and woke up safely, for the Lord was watching over me. And now, although ten thousand enemies surround me on every side, I am not afraid.
The Psalms isn’t meant to be a gratuitous biblical reference, but rather is meant to serve notice that Americans no longer care what politicians and a complicit media think of them. Americans are among the most benevolent people on earth, but they are tired of being mocked and lampooned for deeply held opinions and beliefs. Instinctively, Americans have always embraced their solemn duty to fight for freedom. Not easily provoked and slow to anger, the American people have always fought for what is right once called into action. It should therefore come as no surprise to anyone, least of all liberals that Americans are protesting in waves. What politicians in general and liberals in particular don’t understand is that no matter how fatigued Americans might be, Coach Lombardi’s paradigm simply does not apply. Fatigued? Yes of course, many times and perhaps even still. But never have the American people been cowards. Elitist politicians don’t understand what is happening because they don’t want to understand it. Whether they figure it out in time to save their own political hides, or not, is immaterial. The political storm is gathering. When it hits, my money will be on the American people.

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